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The battle for our attention: Making the most out of tech
I spent my Saturday afternoon in London sipping on a (most likely overpriced) Shiraz from Waitrose whilst listening to the Steve Jobs biography on Audible and simultaneously reading it on my iPad. After a few glasses in and reading about the Apple vs Microsoft rivalry I was suddenly struck with
Perfection, consistency & the paradox of control
So recently I’ve been falling slightly behind in my gym workouts. Not as consistent as I’d like, not progressive overloading as I wanted. After doing a lot of thinking and talking with a friend a while ago I seem to have pinpointed one of the root problems: my strive for
The plain secret to a good life: how do we still miss it?
As I take a sip from my cold brew on a Saturday morning I decided to revisit a Ted Talk that I have watched numerous times. I remember watching this a few years ago and not making much out of it, and then being frequently re-directed to the talk through
Fixed-schedule productivity: The art of doing less
There are a dozen of productivity ‘hacks’ and ‘tricks’ and probably hundreds if not thousands of blog posts written on them. If I had to just write about the ones that I’ve experimented with myself, that alone would probably take up to 20+ posts. So let’s not do that today.
Graduation: The lessons
Last month I graduated from university with a law degree. Having some time to think during the early quiet hours on the plane as well as 7 days of hotel quarantine, here are the 3 of the most valuable lessons I learned in university. Enjoy! 👊🏼 1- Everyone plays a different
Just. Start.
Here is a picture of me drinking a morning cappuccino in the streets of Pompeii 2 months ago. Completely irrelevant to this post but that is the exact point of this post: to just. start. I’ve stopped waiting for the perfect moment. Just get up on your feet, start, fail